Hanrob Pet Hotels - Sydney, Melbourne - Brisbane & Canberra

We love every pet, as if our own

When you leave your pet at Hanrob Pet Hotels, whether for boarding, daycare or
training, you can rest assured we care for your pet as if it were our own.

Where every pet is an individual

We know that no two pets are the same, and we spend time getting to know
your pet - before they arrive and while they are here.

Every pet deserves professional care

We passionately believe every pet deserves access to professional pet services,
in just the same way our children are cared for by qualified professionals



Our Story

Hanrob’s journey started in 1981 when Hanrob CEO, Andrew Biggs' mum and dad, Hannie and Bob, founded Hanrob Pet Hotels at Heathcote, on the southern outskirts of Sydney.

With a passion for pets and a genuine concern for their welfare, Hannie and Bob set their hearts and minds to providing exceptional care for both dogs and cats whilst their owners were on holidays. Today, Hanrob has grown to become Australia's most trusted service provider for pet boarding, dog training and doggy daycare, with six successful sites across Australia.

Today, as then, everyone at Hanrob Pet Hotels believes passionately that all pets deserve access to professional pet services, and we work tirelessly to provide and uphold the very best in pet care services across boarding, training and daycare.

  • About Hanrob


    With a history spanning more than three decades, take a look back at some of the key events in Hanrob's store.

    In 1981 Hannie and Bob purchased the Heathcote Facility from Hannie’s sister, believing passionately in the provision of safe, secure, loving care to pets when their owners had to leave. The husband and wife team, who still visit Hanrob weekly, combined their names to give life to the Hanrob brand. 

    Living on-site at the Heathcote Pet Hotel, Hannie and Bob raised their two sons, Andrew and Gavin, alongside their business.

    As Hanrob grew, Hannie and Bob added dog obedience training to the list of services. They also set about recruiting a large network of vet partners across Sydney and Wollongong, to ensure pet owners all over Sydney had a convenient means of accessing the professional services Hannie and Bob were providing from their south Sydney location. The result was an expansive network of CheckIn Centres that is still growing every day thanks to the continued trust placed in Hanrob by vet professionals and pet owners alike.



    Hanrob Dog Training Academy had by now made a name for itself, with an excellent reputation for obedience training. In 1995, Hanrob Dog Training Academy successfully won a contract to train dogs for scent detection for the Australian Government Department, AQIS.

    The contract remains in place today and has been extended to other government agencies in Australia and overseas.


    In 1996 Andrew and his father Bob, co-founded Assistance Dogs Australia, a not-for-profit organisation that trains dogs to assist people with disabilities to live independently. Assistance Dogs Australia remains on site at Hanrob Pet Hotels Heathcote.


    In 2004, Andrew Biggs was ready to take over the helm at Hanrob and took on the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Andrew’s first challenge was to open a new boarding facility at Sydney Airport which he achieved in 2005. 


    Hanrob had great success in securing more government contracts to train dogs for scent detection and, in 2011 Andrew opened a new Hanrob boarding facility at Melbourne Airport, which included the second Hanrob Dog Training Academy.


    In 2016, professional pet care services from Hanrob became avaialble in two new states, with the opening of Hanrob Pet Hotels Canberra and Brisbane. Daycare services were also launched across each of the Hanrob Pet Hotel sites and Hanrob became the first pet accommodation provider to offer a Pet Health Cover guarantee.