Hanrob Pet Hotels - Sydney, Melbourne - Brisbane & Canberra

We love every pet, as if our own

When you leave your pet at Hanrob Pet Hotels, whether for boarding, daycare or
training, you can rest assured we care for your pet as if it were our own.

Where every pet is an individual

We know that no two pets are the same, and we spend time getting to know
your pet - before they arrive and while they are here.

Every pet deserves professional care

We passionately believe every pet deserves access to professional pet services,
in just the same way our children are cared for by qualified professionals



        • Careers At Hanrob Pet Hotels

          Australian pet owners rely on the quality and professionalism of our staff to provide the highest quality pet care to, and we are grateful to have a dedicated team of over 150 professionals, each of whom cares for and loves the pets they care for, as if they were their own. With six pet hotels, dog training academies and daycare centres, there are opportunities at Hanrob not only for professional pet services staff, but also for dog trainers, customer service agents, reservation agents, skilled tradesmen and other professional services including marketing, finance and IT.