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    Hanrob Pet Hotels are a family owned and operated Australian Pet accommodation and dog Training business that has been in operation for over 30 years. Hanrob Pet Hotels own and manage six Hanrob Pet Hotel and Dog Training facilities, located in Sydney - Heathcote, Sydney Airport and Duffys Forest, Melbourne, Brisbane and now in Canberra

    Hanrob’s journey started in 1981 when Hanrob CEO, Andrew Biggs mum and dad, Hannie and Bob founded Hanrob at Heathcote, on the southern outskirts of Sydney.

    They had a passion for dogs and cats and a genuine concern for their welfare. They identified an opportunity to provide exceptional care for both dogs and cats whilst their owners were on holidays.


    In 1981 Hannie and Bob purchased the Heathcote Facility from Hannie’s sister as they believed it was a sound business venture to own and operate their own pet boarding facility. They followed suit with the naming of their business by combining their own names, and created the name Hanrob

    The property included a family home where mum and dad raised their sons Andrew and Gavin, whilst building a reputable pet boarding business.

    As Hanrob grew, they added dog obedience training to the list of services.  They also recruited a large network of vet agencies across Sydney and Wollongong. The purpose of the vet agencies was to build a strong referral network for pet owners whilst providing a convenient pick up and delivery point for people to drop their pets.

    This turned out to be a great initiative as vets trusted Hanrob to care for their clients’ pet and then offered a convenience to pet owners that had not been experienced before.



    The Hanrob dog training business grew in size and reputation fast, and in 1995 successfully won a contract to train dogs for scent detection for the Australian Government Department,AQIS.

    The contract remains in place today and has been extended to other government agencies in Australia and overseas.


    In 1996 Andrew and his father Bob, co-founded Assistance Dogs Australia, a not-for-profit organisation that trains dogs to assist people with disabilities to live independently.


    In 2004, Andrew Biggs was ready to take over the helm at Hanrob and took on the role of Chief Operating (delete) Executive Officer (CEO). Andrew’s first challenge was to open a new boarding facility at Sydney Airport which he achieved in 2005. 


    Hanrob had great success in securing more government contracts to train dogs for scent detection and, in 2011 we opened a new Hanrob boarding facility at Melbourne Airport.

    Hanrob continue to seek out new business opportunities whilst maintaining the high standards of pet care and dog training. As a second generation family business, Andrew Biggs is proud to carry on the family legacy and continue to improve and build the business.


    In 2016 we expanded our market foot print by acquiring a business in Symonston, ACT called Buddhapet lodgings & daycare and built a new Pet Hotel in Eagle Farm, QLD, just of Brisbane Airport. We also formed strong partnerships with new market channels such as well recognised membership organisations



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