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Cat Boarding in Sydney

Our team are passionate about creating a cat boarding safe haven for your cat when they are away from home. We know that cats are not big fans of change and we are committed to providing the best care and facilities to make your furry feline feel right at home.

We are Australian family owned and operated for over 30 years and have multiple locations in Sydney and Melbourne, including Sydney and Melbourne Airports.

We offer all our guests complimentary pick up and drop off at over 140 points and are the recommended pet boarding facilities by over 140 vets across the country so you know we are the leaders in cat accommodation in Australia.

We understand your cat demands the best of everything, and that’s what we love to provide. At Hanrob, we’ve used our 30 years of experience as dedicated cat lovers to design and develop the ultimate in cat holidays.

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Feeling at home

Your cat can leisurely explore their room, indulge on their comfy hammock, all the while gazing into our garden atrium or playroom and pondering as only cats do!

Impeccable cleanliness, plenty of natural light and air and a regularly cleaned toileting tray will satisfy your cat’s aesthetic needs, while soothing music and non-allergenic fluffy covers will ensure their overall comfort. A daily selection of premium wet and dry food, with selections of fish and poultry served in separate dishes, can also be enjoyed at their leisure. Our dedicated team of cat lovers will be on hand to do everything possible to car for your cat and, if the need ever arises, we have access to veterinary care.

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Complimentary Pet Shuttle

Our FREE pet shuttle is the ultimate convenience for our pet owners. We can pick up your pet at over 140 locations usually within 15 minutes of your home. Our pet shuttle provides fully air-conditioned cabins with security for your cat and separate travel compartments.

View our Complimentary pick-up locations here!

For complete convenience and luxury, take advantage of our Pet Limo service for you and your cat. We will take your, your family and your luggage to the airport first so you can enjoy this luxurious trip with your pet. The limo will then take your cat directly to Hanrob where our caring team will be waiting to greet your cat and show them to their spacious quarters.



To provide your cat with an extra level of indulgence during their stay, we offer a full Kitty Pampering Pack. For a small fee, our experienced groomers gently clean your cat’s eyes and ears and treat them to aromatherapy shampoo, condition and soft blow dry so they’re looking and smelling their best for the most important part of their trip – the reunion!


Special Requirements

At no extra cost, we can cater to your cat’s specific feeding requirements, including hand feeding or providing your own food. However, we do require a small additional fee if they require any special medication. Please let us know at the time of booking and we will follow your precise instructions.

Please note, special requirements needed to care for insulin dependent cats, need to be pre-approved by management before boarding your pet.

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"It was the first time we placed Phoenix in this kind of environment and was apprehensive, but after collecting him we knew he had been in very good care. Already booked him in for his next holiday. Thank you to all the staff involved in making Phoenix's stay a happy one!"

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Hanrob Pet Hotels has been setting the standards in pet boarding and training in Australia for over 30 years. The most recognised name in the industry, we have your pets’ well-being completely covered from dog and cat accommodation options, enrichment programs and even dog training. With over four locations across Sydney and Melbourne, including Airport facilities, Hanrob Pet Hotels is one of Australia’s premier holiday destinations for your pet.

Staying Connected

We know that leaving your pet is hard, so we’ve got a number of ways you can check in to say “hi” and make sure they are happy and enjoying themselves.

We call these PetSkype, PetPics and PetVideo.

Staying Connected

PetSkype – $20
Check in with your pet through Skype to see that they are healthy and having a great time!

PetPicsandPlay – $15
Receive photo updates on your phone to give you peace of mind that they are being well looked after. Your pet will also receive an interactive playtime with their carer.

PetVideo – $20
We can email through a one minute video of your pet to watch at your own convenience.

Or purchase the whole package for only $49 and save!