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Staying Connected

There’s no need to feel guilty about leaving your loved one any more! To show you how well your pet is being cared for, we’ve got a number of ways you can check in to say Hi and make sure they are well and enjoying themselves.


  • PetSkype

    If you simply can’t stand being apart from your loved one, we’ll get them online and onto your device for a Skype catch-up. You can have a chat and see that they are healthy, happy and having a great time!

  • PetPics

    Your pet will be having such a relaxing time they’ll want to send you a postcard! Receive a picture of your family member on your phone during their stay to give you peace of mind they are being well looked after.

  • PetVideo

    If you don’t want to interrupt their holiday, we can take a one minute video of your pet and email it to you so you can see that they are enjoying themselves at your own convenience.

Hanrob Staying Connected
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Hanrob PetSkype
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