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Australian First: Hanrob Pet Hotels Launches PetSkype through their Staying Connected Package!

In an Australian-first, Hanrob Pet Hotels is launching PetSkype, a new service for customers to keep in touch with their furry friends during their stayovers.

The innovative new service was developed in response to increasing demand from customers for a more personal way of communicating with their pets whilst away on holiday or business trips. After extensive development, PetSkype video is being introduced from today at Hanrob Pet Hotels in Sydney and Melbourne.

The PetSkype sessions between the owner, the dog or cat, and their Hanrob Pet Hotels carer, will help to soothe the common ‘separation anxiety’ felt by owners during their pet’s temporary stay. Throughout the session owners can speak to, interact with and see their loved ones in real time video.

Andrew Biggs, CEO of Hanrob Pet Hotels, explains “We’re constantly looking for innovative and new ways to make our customers and their pets very happy during their stay.

“Australia truly is a pet loving nation with cats and dogs considered part of the family. Most owners miss their pets as much as their family and friends when they’re away. With advanced technology it’s easier than ever to stay in contact with people. Now, our new PetSkype service gives customers the opportunity for social interaction with their pets, bringing them closer together, no matter the distance.

“Offering real time PetSkype conversations seemed the perfect way to help owners connect with their pets to see how they are doing for themselves. We’re the only pet hotel group in Australia to provide this service, and expect it to be very popular with our customers.”

Ita Buttrose, a Hanrob Pet Hotels client for over 15 years, says she is keen to try the new service.

“PetSkype is a fabulous idea and just the kind of initiative that I’d expect from Hanrob Pet Hotels. They know how much people miss their pets, and PetSkype will allow them check on them, see them and talk to the carers – and if they feel so inclined, to say good-day to their pooch or puss! Will I use PetSkype? You bet!”

Dr Sam Haynes, Veterinary Surgeon and founder of Sydney Animal Hospitals, says that PetSkype will help to alleviate owners concerns about going away without their pets.

“A lot of people worry about leaving their pets, and feel really stressed about how the animal is coping, to the extent that some don’t actually go away on holiday. PetSkype is great way to for owners to keep in touch, see where their pet is staying and how they’re settled. PetSkype will make them feel much more relaxed about leaving their fur-kids, and happy that they are being well cared for during their stay.”

PetSkype will be available as part of Hanrob Pet Hotel’s new Staying Connected package, which allows customers to keep up to date with their pets via Skype sessions, digital photos (PetPics) and pre-recorded videos (PetVideo).

Hanrob Pet Hotels provides unique, tailored packages to suit individual pets, including exercise solutions, grooming, play time and even a private man-made beach. For the ultimate convenience, Hanrob Pet Hotels also offers a complimentary pick-up and drop-off service, a door-to-door pet shuffle service, or for those wanting the most luxurious treatment for their pet, Australia’s only pet limo service.

Hanrob Pet Hotels has sites conveniently located in Sydney (Heathcote and Sydney Airport) and Melbourne (Tullamarine). Prices for accommodation start at just $30.50 per day, and the Staying Connected package is available for $49.00.

For more information visit www.hanrob.com.au, call 1300 426 762, or visit the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/Hanrobpets

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