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Training For Life

Our Training for Life program is a lifetime journey we take with your pet to prevent, or eliminate, any unruly or anti-social behaviour, and then ensure that once it’s trained, your dog stays that way.

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Our Training for Life program includes:

  • Pre-arrival survey where you will detail the areas you would like our trainers to focus on
  • An intensive 18 day live-in dog training course where your dog is assigned a personal trainer who will work on your desired outcome
  • Leaving your pet is hard, so simply head over to our Facebook page and request a photo update so you can see your dog in action (1x photo update per customer)
  • Your pooch will also look the part with a complimentary bath
  • 60 minute departure lesson where you are encouraged to bring the whole family to learn how to continue the training in the home environment
  • Hanrob Pet Hotels Dog Training Certificate
  • Departure manual with training report

Bonus features:

It takes a lifelong commitment to create a well-balanced canine, which is why we want to make sure we can support you for the rest of your dog’s life with the following:

  • Lifetime Saturday obedience group classes held at either our Heathcote or Melbourne facility
  • Lifetime one-on-one lesson with a trainer at either our Heathcote or Melbourne facility

Dog Training with Hanrob trainer and client
Hanrob trainer with dog in down stay
Dog enjoying training session at Hanrob
Dog Trainers at Hanrob