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Training For Life

Our three stage Training for Life program is a lifetime journey we take with your pet to prevent, or eliminate, any unruly or anti-social behaviour, and then ensure that once it’s trained, it stays that way.

Stage 1 – 18 Day Hanrob Dog Training School

An intensive 18 day live-in course where a personal trainer assesses, and addresses, your dog’s behaviours.

Stage 2 – Departure Workshop

Over an hour, our trainer will teach your family all the necessary skills to ensure the training can be upheld at home.

Stage 3 – Home Support

We’re so confident in our program’s ability to deliver great results that we offer a lifetime guarantee to all our Dog Training graduates that, if any issues arise in the future, one of our trainers will be available to visit your home and address the issue in your pet’s natural environment.

Click here to read about Hanrob’s Dog Training Philosophy.

Dog Training with Hanrob trainer and client Hanrob trainer with dog in down stay Dog enjoying training session at Hanrob Dog Trainers at Hanrob