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Hanrob Dog Training Philosophy

Our philosophy at Hanrob is to provide dogs and their owners with a positive lifetime experience when they participate in one of our many dog training programs.  Our aim is to provide the highest quality dog obedience training and alleviate undesirable dog behaviours whilst giving a lifetime guarantee. We provide continuous support to ensure our clients are trained and skilled to continue their dog’s training platform in an effective and humane manner. Click here to learn more about our Training for Life Program.

The key to Hanrob’s success is utilising all facets of operant and classical conditioning.  We continually update our methods using the latest information and technologies available.  This allows us to treat unwanted behaviours and also identify underlying causes that can improve a dog’s quality of life.  We employ highly reward based training methods via voice, food or play and in some cases all three. We build the dog’s confidence with their most valued motivator whilst conditioning the desired behaviour. Accuracy is obtained through assessment and solution based training sessions focusing on key outcomes to build success.

We are the leaders in understanding our clients and their dog’s requirements to ensure each training session provides a result and builds on the dog’s abilities. The extensive knowledge of our trainers allows us to meet dog owner’s needs and develop their understanding and skills to build a solid platform for their dog to succeed in being obedient and well mannered. It is our commitment to build a strong bond between owners and their dogs.

Click here to download the Hanrob Training Pillars [PDF]

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