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Dog Training School: Special Package Offer Only $899

Special: Dog training school package. Only $899 all inclusive (Dogs need to complete dog training school prior to 30th June 2014)

Our dog training 18 day package is to support your dog in general obedience, dog socialization and to alleviate 2 specific behavior training concerns. The goal is to improve your relationship with your dog by providing stimulating training activities for the enjoyment and well being of your dog.  Your dog will come back well mannered and happy whilst providing you with the skills to manage your dog in the future, ensuring an empowering bond.


  • Detailed training report card
  • Fact sheet on issue management
  • Course updates (via email)
  • 1 hour face to face departure lesson
  • Post course follow-up contact
  • Free group lessons at selected Hanrob facilities
  • Bath on departure

Walk time
Teach or enhance basic lead manners, loose lead walking in alternate environments.

Basic Obedience
Teach or enhance dogs focus and basic obedience commands, such as sit, drop, stay

Recall Reliability
Teach or enhance basic recall on short & long lead, plus off lead in a variety of settings (low to medium distractions) depending on the learning capability of the dog.


  • For dogs that require extra socialisation due to timidity, aggression (fear based) etc
  • Excitability management and control
  • Teaches dogs how to behave when approaching other dogs in the street.
  • Mainly on lead skills taught

Specific Training Issue
This package includes alleviating two (2) specific dog related training and/or behaviour issue or objectives.

Call today to book and have an empowering bond with your dog.

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