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Short Stay Training

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Our 7 day live-in dog training course is the perfect introduction into dog training. Depending on the needs of your dog and what you would like our trainers to focus on, you can choose from one of the below packages:

Walk time!

  • Improving on lead behaviour
  • Holding the heel position
  • Walking past distractions

Doggy Manners (Socialisation)

  • For dogs that need socialisation
  • Excitability management and control around humans (Jumping up)
  • Reducing and managing undesirable behaviour around distractions
  • Self-control (sit stay/doorways etc)

Recall reliably

  • Teaches the dog that coming when called is fun
  • Recall on short & long lead , in a variety of settings
  • Teaches recall around different levels of distractions

Our 7 day Short Stay Dog Training program includes:

  • Pre-arrival survey where you will detail the areas you would like our trainers to focus on
  • One of the above training package
  • Leaving your pet is hard, so simply head over to our Facebook page and request a photo update so you can see your dog in action (1x photo update per customer)
  • Your pooch will also look the part with a complimentary bath
  • 30 minute departure lesson where you are encouraged to bring the whole family to learn how to continue the training in the home environment
  • Departure information handout

Bonus features:

  • 1 block of free Saturday obedience group classes conducted at either Heathcote or Melbourne facility

Dog Training
Dog Training
Dog Training