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Things To Know

At Hanrob we are 100% dedicated to ensuring your pet leaves our care in as good as, or better, health as when they arrived. To achieve this, there are a couple of important things you need to know about our booking information:


  • All dogs are to be vaccinated to a C5 level no later than two weeks before boarding
  • All cats are to be vaccinated to a F3 level no later than two weeks before boarding
  • Dogs and cats must be de-sexed to participate in Group Playtime activities
  • Higher boarding fees apply to dogs and cats which are required, or choose, to board on their own due to their size, breed or temperament


  • Please ensure your dog or cat has been treated with tick and flea prevention before arriving. Hanrob staff can also apply spot treatment for you at an additional cost.
  • We recommend companion boarding for most dogs and cats, with all companions being expertly matched and monitored

Good to know…

  • All our Playtime activities have staff supervision and interaction
  • One Playtime session is included in each day’s boarding for dogs, with further sessions available for purchase
  • Boarding and training fees are calculated on a calendar day basis irrespective of the time of admission or departure
  • Pet Shuttle only operates through Sydney Heathcote facility and Melbourne facility, Monday to Friday
  • Minimum stays apply to peak periods, which aligns with NSW and VIC school holidays and long weekends
  • Reduced rates are available for guests staying over 50 days

Even in the most hygienic, well ventilated, spacious kennels the possibility of a dog acquiring Canine Cough exists. Canine Cough can be acquired from any dog, whether it be your neighbours, a dog in the park or your best friends. It can even be acquired while at the vets. The vaccination does not cover every strand of kennel cough.